I cant cook

United States
November 16, 2008 6:16pm CST
i try so hard to cook. but i dont no how and i am 20 years old and i have tryed everything to cook and i still dont no how to do it ..i need help?
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@oldboy46 (2132)
• Australia
17 Nov 08
If you are wanting to cook basic meals for your family, then look online for some simple easy recipes and follow them. Getting recipes off the internet means it will not cost you anything as you are not buying cokbooks plus you can look for those meals where you can se the things that are already in your pantry. ] Cooking is one of those things which does take some practice but to start it is easier to make simple meals rather than try for anything "lavish and exotic". As you learn the skill of cooking, you will gain in confidence and be able to tackle different recipes. Do you have your mother or another relation who lives near you and can show you how to cook? Learn from them and you will soon get the hang of how to to things so meals are well cooked and nutritious at the same time. Good luck and once you get those recipes, follow them and you will be surprised how well the meal turns out.
@robinemz (211)
• Philippines
17 Nov 08
start with simple dishes or few recipe to start. make sure to follow the instructions of the book and when you've perfected it, you can do away with the books and explore on your own taste=)
@Amberina (1541)
• United States
17 Nov 08
Want to know an easy recipe? Get a crock pot put a roast or chicken in it pour a bottle of italian dressing over it add about half a cup of water and let it cook on low for about 8 hours. Start it in the morning and by dinner it will be done. Get an already made salad at the store and you have dinner. I didn't know how to cook very well either when I first started out but after a few years I got the hang of it, start with the simple easy recipes and pretty soon you will be creating meals on your own. Good luck.
@kaka135 (14238)
• Malaysia
17 Nov 08
Well, it depends what you want to cook. There are some really simple recipes for beginners, perhaps you can find them in the Internet. One way to learn cooking is to ask your mother or friends to teach you side by side, start from the simple recipes first, so that you have the interest to learn more. Well, I didn't know cooking until I stayed outside alone. When I wanted to prepare for certain meals, I always called my mum and asked her how and what I should do. She'd guide me steps by steps, and I learnt from there. Also, sometimes when I talked to my friends, who aren't cooking very well, we always exchanged and shared some ideas or tips in cooking, there's where I learned. Hope you'll enjoy cooking! ^_^
• United States
17 Nov 08
cooking is just like anything else in life. practice makes perfect.