I love to hunt?

United States
November 16, 2008 6:21pm CST
I love to hunt but my husband dont think i should because i am a mom. we fight about it all the time should i give up on it or just keep hunting?
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@rog0322 (2833)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
10 Mar 13
Hi, You should have married one who loves to hunt. There are lot of them out there. Maybe you missed the biggest hunt of your life. Anyway, it is a good sport so why keep from it? I trust you know how to handle your weapons, it can come in handy when other predators come along, say people whose intention is to cause your family or property some harm. That is the bonus of being a hunter and your husband should appreciate it. Few moms can do it for that matter and I admire them for its worth.
@dmrone (750)
• United States
15 Nov 09
Hi, MeganJones! No, i don't think you should give up on your hunting. Being a mom has nothing to do with you hunting. I know several moms who hunt, and they enjoy it. I like to hunt myself, and my husband does not mind if i go. My father taught me how to hunt, and i am grateful he did. Keep hunting, and enjoy yourself. Maybe pass it on to your children.
• United States
17 Nov 08
i am against hunting unless you use the animal to its max, even then, eh, but regardless what does a being a mom have to do with it?
• United States
17 Nov 08
hi megan! is your hubby against hunting itself- like for any moral reasons or anything? or does he just not want you doing it? i really don't know what being a mom has to do with hunting. i guess i look at it as a guy's sport, but that's only because i don't know any women who do it. i don't think there is anything wrong with a woman hunting. i would definitely sit down and talk about it with your husband. maybe there is another reason he is not giving you? you should definitely communicate with him about it, though. good luck! :)