What should you do when your girlfriend is angry with you?

@simon611 (598)
November 16, 2008 8:27pm CST
I am fond of watching basketball games,it is the happiest time for me when watching a game.Yester there was a NBA games,Houston Rockets VS Charlotte Hornets,in which I could see my favourite NBA player Yao Ming.But my girlfriend wanted to watch movies,I watched the game without asking her,so she was angry with me,I didn't know how to explain.Now she doesn't talk with me,what should i do?What will you do when your girlfriends is angry with you?
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17 Nov 08
I would have sacrificed a game for her if u love her.Then after that sit down pick a night to watch movies and a time for ur ball games. You must compromise with the one u love in order to make the relationship work. Some people dont have that luxury of having a girlfriend, so u might think about it next time before u decide to watch ur ball game.
• United States
17 Nov 08
I would make an effort to be nice to her. I mean you were insensitive. You could have watched her movie, and recorded the game or vice versa. I would just be nicer next time, things will blow over.
@rymk14 (6)
• United States
17 Nov 08
I know my girlfriend always get mad at me when i watch NFL games and ignore her. She usually get over it on her own, but sometimes she is stubborn about it. When that happens i just try to make her laugh and then once she's happy she just forgets about the whole thing. Although your girlfriend might not be so forgiving.
@gauthami (137)
• New Zealand
17 Nov 08
HMM FIRSTLY she needs to give you some space and vice versa..just tell her i like to watch the game they wont replay it for my sake...you can watch movies everytime like that..or else to divert her mind give her a surprise for a candle light dinner or what ever she likes most...when my gurl frd is angry with me i go and filrt someother gurl lol she come to me immediatley..or sometimes i pleases her by doing some crazy thing like cutting my hand or putting some tatoos of her name ...
@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
17 Nov 08
Well I think you need to give her some special time, spoil her a bit, make her know that she is special, that is a very little issue that should just need a little effort to fix...treat her well and make sure she always knows she is special...