Let's talk about or dogs cute, special, unique, funny, weird, etc habits/ action

November 16, 2008 10:16pm CST
This started from another discussion and thanks a bunch to dsrtrose for giving me the idea. So we are all dogs lovers and we have had one dog after another or many of them at once. Well, what is their most cute, special, unique, funny, weird, etc habits or actions? here are my list: 1) Lucky; albeit being afraid of heights, she actually climb on to the dining table to sleep during the cold seasons in order to avoid the cold floor. 2) Lucky; stared to mimic our human smile at the age of 8 years old in order to show us her happiness. She always grin whenever my mom calls her. 3) Lucky; another form of human mimicking is she will nod her head and at the same time open & close her mouth as if trying to answer our question. 4) Happy; whenever he got hurt or were bullied by Lucky (Happy is male and will not fight back to Lucky who is female), it's always the 'left hand' that is pain. He'll moan and gives us his left hand for comforting. Got bitten at leg, gives us left hand, got bitten at neck, gives us left hand, the fur got pulled, gives us left hand. it's super cute... hehehe.... 5) Timtim; she grumbles her non-satisfaction to us. Not barking, not growling. She grumbles and grumbles and grumbles like a mom's nagging. It's like we can almost hear her says "why u go out so long? why u work until so late? I was at home the whole day and the sun was very hot. Nobody plays with me. Mom was busy doing housework. Bla, bla, bla...." hahahahahaha..... 6) Cookie; has a fav soft toy (the wombat) which she always play with and brings back to sleep with her. Recently, there was and incident where some worker come to fix the house. Initially, Cookie thought it's one of the family member coming home so she happily brings along her wombat to play with. When she realized her mistake, she carries the wombat all the way back to her bed for safekeeping and run out again to bark at the workers, which she her duty. Please also note that Cookie is an Australian Silky Terrier weighting abt 4kg with long fur. So u have to imagine this small little furry bouncy dog going out then pause and thinking "aiya, not play time but work time. Oh, oh, oh.... must keep wombat safe first" then bouncing her way back before running out to bark.... Looking forward to hear all you dogs lover reply, yeah.... ;)
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17 Nov 08
My dog has some very cute and sometimes common habits. After coming inside he often has a lot of energy, and if he's still in a running mode, we can make him continuously run circles around our living room ottoman. It's very cute - he's a small terrier. 15 lbs and completely full grown. He also has a habit of making sure he's touching someone when he takes a nap or lays on the couch. Sometimes it's annoying because when we want to get up, he prevents us. Otherwise, it's just cute and funny. And with all new people he meets, he's a loud, jumpy dog who gives all his love to the new people - hoping in return for all their attention. Some people love it, as he's adorable in his actions, some people hate it, because they're not really dog people.
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