Maybe you can explain this for me.

@TDonald (1421)
United States
November 17, 2008 2:43am CST
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne said... "Man cannot make a worm, yet he will make gods by the dozen." What does that quote mean to you?
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@Volkus (202)
• Romania
4 Dec 08
This means, of course, creation of life and the problems related to this. This can be a great issue for the evolution theory. Man can't create life, this is for sure. But if this will happen (by absurd), the evolutionist will be right, and there is no God! What means that he will make gods by the dozen? This means that if the humand mind can not understand something or doesn't want to understand it, he gives it a supranatural role. We can replace gods with demons, or other fastantic (really?) creatures. Have a nice day!
• Malaysia
17 Nov 08
hi tdonald man cannot create worm, in search of who created worm man created god as the unknown force that created worm ... since god is formless and no image can fit him or her, they made him/her up in images, various images that suits their imagination ... being from differentt "ways of life" many came up with discriptions that suit to their life style ... instead of the creator, GOD was born many times at different places with different images and different names since god created dozens of different species, god was created in different images as well ... well since i am a believer, i can define this to suit my defination and take it positive yes i agree that man canot create worm but he can create another human from a part of him combining with another human ... cheers
@Aussies2007 (5336)
• Australia
17 Nov 08
It means that man has a lot of imagination. lol However... lets not forget that religions were created by only a few men... who saw it as a way to have power and control over humanity. And those who refused to belong... were massacred. Everyone can read about it in the history books. But people simply don't want to know about it... as it is another inconvenient truth. lol
@celestos (814)
• United States
17 Nov 08
Man is not the creator life but he will make a god out of anything. Just my opinion