I hate people who waste time at the gym!

@stinge (808)
United States
November 17, 2008 7:32am CST
Why do people go to the gym to stand around and talk for half the time they're there? I see the same people come to the gym every day and walk around soscializing with everyone for 30min, and they wotk out for 15. Then you have the ones who are sitting on the machines talking on their cell phones. Why do people waste their time paying for a gym membership if they're just going to be doing the same things that they can do at home, which is nothing. I see the same guy come to the gym every morning, and he is allways on his cell phone the minute he walks throught the door. He actually works out, but the 1st 30min of him being there he's on his phone. That's 30min of excercise he could've gotten done. I see another idiot who comes to the gym with a cup of coffee in his hands every day. All he does is sit on the led machines and talk on his cell phone while he drinks his coffee. Why does a person need to have coffee before they work out. If you are up and in the gym by early morning, you are up! A cup of coffee shouldn't be needed to help wake you up more than you allready are. If you are that tired or sleepy to the point where you need coffee to get you to the gym, then you shouldn't be there. I used to see another dummy come to the gym with a toothpick in his mouth regularly. I don't get that at all. You wake up, get out of bed, and on your way out the house at 7am, you grab a toothpick to put in your mouth before you get to the gym. Is that really necessary. And what's with people walking around pulling their shirts up to show off their abbs. You know you have a washboard stomach, why do you fill the need to stand in front of the mirror and pull up your shirt for everyone to see? Your stomach looks the same way it did before you left the house jacka$$! It hasn't made any major improvements in the 20min you've been working out. I get so sick of the stupid routines that people have when they work out. Why do people waste their time pulling up their shirts? Why don't they just come to the gym topless?!
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17 Nov 08
haha. I can totally relate. I go to the gym daily on my college campus, and there is always some group of really preppy girls who do like 10 crunches and then spend 15 minutes whining about it. Plus, they like to stand around in the way, which gets annoying.