@rose007 (246)
November 17, 2008 7:55am CST
whether u have places to do gardening in ur house.. i cant do...
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• India
17 Nov 08
No, It is not available at our flat, because now we are in the City where we dont have a place for separeate gardening, and also since we live in flat, there is no separate space for gardening etc.. Here in city i lived with my sister's home for my study. At my native place, we have more spaces.. behind our home, we have more items at our garden like the vegetables, leaves, flowers etc.. most of the medicines leaves like the Thulasi etc. are also available at our area, in all our houses we have a very big places behind our houses, we used to cover to some extend by the safety walls, to keep our plants safe from the animals.. And also we have a canal behind our home, also, we will walk through our garden to the canal, so, basically our garden have its base good, and the soils are good to grow the plants.. In most of our homes, we used to grow lots of vegetable and flowers regularly.. and share the same each other, we have a well in all our homes.. to supply the required water for those plants. Here in city, it is not at all possible to keep any of the plants at our home, if we try to grow anything, the neibour hood people will not allow us, because if we have any plants, this will spread the mosquitoes etc.. But in the villages like my native places, this is possible to grow more gardening. Have a good day.
@ersmommy1 (12595)
• United States
17 Nov 08
We have a big backyard. So we have plenty of space. But I don't think we have enough sun. Too many trees in the yard. Keeps it too shady I think.