United States
November 17, 2008 9:10am CST
Every year in my painting class in college when i had one particular professor he would always start the first class after the thanksgiving break with having everyone share horror stories, food, recipies, family fun, family fueds, worst meal, best, etc. He would go around the room. Most of the time i was in the class with kids i knew, but every year there were more new faces. My brother was killed and after we stopped celebrating, its not the same. Every time this class came i hated listening to everyone b$tch about how bad their familys were, or hear how amazing it is to have your family close. Its a lose-lose situation for me. Anytime it would come to me id announce i dont celebrate and get googly eyes, but...whhhhhyy. then i tell why and tons of im sorries. i dont want im sorries i want a normal disfunctional thanksgiving day with family that makes me happy and sad. and no we cant celebrate without him because my parents changed so much, they are too sad now. Just be happy you have a family if you do that day regardless of whether Aunt Millie pinches your face too much.
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