is money soo powerfull???

November 17, 2008 12:05pm CST
lets discuss on the topic is money more powerfull..,. to an extend its true but is it the prime
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• India
18 Nov 08
money is powerful when it comes to matter of needs. money makes us comfortable provides status. almost all silly needs can be fulfilled by money. there are only few things that money cant buy like love, relationships etc. thats y in this world money is given the primary importance.
@neothegod (208)
• India
17 Nov 08
money is very powerful. it is both necessity and luxury. money can buy you anything. money can get u all the comforts in the world and make everything you dream come true. in our society, a person having more bank balance is respected by others even though he may not be as educated as other. some may argue that money cannot buy true love but let me tell you u need lot of money to make sure u keep ur loved ones happy, healthy and fulfill their wishes. so money is both necessity and luxury. more u have it, the better life u get.