Joffrey's Coffee

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November 17, 2008 5:41pm CST
I am part of Joffrey's Java Beta Test group. A while back I was invited to test Joffrey's Jamaican Me Crazy coffee. I got my sample really fast and was able to try it out for 3 days. Best test I had taken in a while! Usually I just drink regular flavored coffees. I had never tried a strange flavor that I liked. I stick with cheap brands like Folgers and Maxwell House. I drink Breakfast Blends and vary between Bold and Smooth. I don't like the Vanilla or Chocolate flavors of coffee. They usually end up tasting awful which could possibly have been credited to my cheap coffee maker. I always end up flavoring my coffee with a variety of creamers if I decide on a different taste for the day. I tried Joffrey's "Jamaican Me Crazy" coffee with whole milk and with powdered regular creamer, and always with sugar (it would have been perfect with my raw sugar). Using the powder created a bolder flavor and the whole milk definately mellowed it out. I actually liked this different and unique flavor! It was a few steps away from my regular, plain coffee drinks. But not so far away that I couldn't enjoy it. Subtle carribean influences and the ability to make it bold or smooth depending on my mood made this coffee a true treat. It didn't taste old and my cheap coffee maker didn't create a disaster as usually happens when I stray away from plain. I can no longer blame my coffee maker for making bad coffee! This stuff was great! Once I went back to my old coffee, all I could think was, "I want more Joffrey's!!" I think I have found a new favorite! Too bad I can't afford it :( Well, a few weeks later those fabulous people at Joffrey's had us take a survey. They were trying to get some ideas for a new flavor. Of course I had terrible ideas along the lines of mint or mint chocolate. But after gathering all of their information they came up with a new blend that they decided to call Coffee 2.0. The description is kind of odd and would turn me off if I were reading it at the store. The layout is really cool and takes after its' name. From the bag: Joffrey's Coffee 2.0, the specially engineered, highly optimized flavorful coffee developed for hard working techies and social media lovers. Made from 100% Arabica Beans, Coffee 2.0 is hand-roasted to perfection. This brew is fueled with flavor and eye-popping energy to help you get your work done throughout the day and into the wee hours of the morning. It follows with Tags (too cute) and categories to describe the coffee. So I tried the coffee the morning after receiving the sample in the mail (it came really fast...again!). It has a really strong smell that I wasn't too fond of. I perfer mellow scents and this isn't one. I brewed it and flavored it with my coffeemate creamer. YUMMMM! I can't really explain the flavor but it is definately STILL better than Folger's or Maxwell House coffee. Those regular coffees now taste more like old cigarettes than ever. They just aren't good anymore. Never before have I been able to justify spending more on coffee because nothing ever tasted much better than the cheap stuff. Now I am going to have to try to save some money every so often to grab a bag of Joffrey's. Darn them!
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@snowy22315 (107899)
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17 Nov 08
Joffrey's sounds like it would be a pretty good coffee to try. Right now we usually drink Gevalia which is an OK coffee but it is not really the best. I think that I would like trying some other brands once in awhile.
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18 Nov 08
wow Snowy- for the price of Gevalia I would expect it to be better than ok!! I try others when they are on sale. Right now I have some Mr. Coffee which I got pretty cheap. But I think I will skip it from now on because it goes bad really fast. I have a 4 cup coffee maker and make coffee daily but by the time I am halfway through the bag of Mr. Coffee it tastes awful.