Are you happy now ?

@ranran (29)
November 17, 2008 7:33pm CST
What is happiness? And how do we get more of it?Why I feel unhappy sometimes?I think unhappy includes like tension ,stress,disappointment,etc. that we come across during our work and relationships. How to be happy?
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@jziakhan (701)
• Pakistan
23 Jan 09
Happines is addictive, you need more of it when you've had a taste. You can make your own happiness by doing things that you know will make you happy, like for example, going out with your friends or going shopping, gardening or doing some of your hobbies.
• Belize
13 Dec 08
How to be happy? well for one thing we can stop focus on all the negativity in our lives, think about the positives. Right now am happy because school is over (it usually stresses me out). Happiness is good feelings, great feelings. i think sometimes we make ourselves unhappy when we think too much negativity.
• Pakistan
3 Dec 08
Never think that you are always unhappy infect its your own feeling. You don't want to be happy i think. always remember every night takes you into a brighter and shining day. just like that sadness is a news for you for up coming happiness and pleasure so don't worry when you are sad just thing about the happiness which is waiting for you after that. if you finish the sadness there will not be any happy. have a nice day. take care and try to be happy
• Malaysia
3 Dec 08
yes, im so happy..just think about something happy and dont think too much your problem..
@wuyali (23)
• China
23 Nov 08
l think that happy is very simple .do you konw what is happy ?l am a student in china .when l grow up ,l must leave home .becauce l will go to college and l will find a gopod job in big city.if l have holidays ,l will feel very happy .l can look after my mother .if you have to work in a strange city ,you find a old friend and you will fel happy .if somebody believe in you and you will feel happy .in your life ,you will understand it
• India
23 Nov 08
happiness is a state of mind think happy thoys surely there has been an instance in your life , that something some event has made u happy. look at the brighter side of things, happiness follows.
• India
19 Nov 08
Happiness means one person feels happy. A person feels unhappy due to many reasons like stress, tension, disappointment etc. in the work place a person has many problems i will leads to unhappy.
@spalladino (17920)
• United States
18 Nov 08
For me happiness is peace of mind. I used to live a much more stressful life...I was in a position of power and respect at work, earned good money, but I was being pulled in many directions at once. I had also suffered the end of a long relationship that had not been good for a couple of years so that made me unhappy. Meeting and falling in love with my current husband and giving up the stressful life for a more peaceful one in a warmer state has brought me much happiness. I wouldn't go back to the life I had for any amount of money.