Friends or Haters?

United States
November 17, 2008 8:11pm CST
Okay, so I have some people in my life that I call my best friends. But whenever I buy something new they are like "Eh, I don't like it" but then like a week later they have the exact same thing, and it irritates me that not only did they copy me but they dissed it first. Then if a guy like me, the guy will tell them about it because I'm their best friend. So, this girl or girls will say mean things about me to deter them away from me, and get the guy to like them instead. Then they will either not tell me the guy likes me, or they will tell me and be like ew. Then they date them. Or, If I hang out with other friends they will get all pissed off and say I ditched them, when I really didn't. It's kind of ridiculous. I consider them my best friend but it's really quite annoying. But everything like revolves around them including my school schedule so I cant just like exclude her from my life, but what do I do? Does anyone else have friends like this, or enemies?
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