are u expert in chess

November 17, 2008 11:09pm CST
can u guide me how to play it effectively
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• United States
23 Mar 10
The secret to becoming good in chess is by playing often. One cannot take shortcuts in chess, unless one is naturally gifted. The key to success is through experience, just like any other activity. The more one plays, the more naturally one becomes good in chess. I learned many things in chess throughout my years of playing, such as how to utilize space and by both attacking and defending at the same time. It is also imperative to know strategies, such as how to fork opponents or to trap them. The really good chess players memorize openings in chess. It is essential to being a good chess player. I however choose not to engage in this as I try my best to formulate my own brand of chess. Chess is a very intense game that can be enjoyed for all ages. I recommend to any ages and anyone can play from beginner to expert.
@evsoriano (166)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
nope, im not expert but i love playing chess. there are many site in the net that you can visit which helps you play effectively. you can try this site
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
I suggest you buy yourself a chess game or download from different sites. Beating an A.I computer is hard enough. If you wish to play with a real player there are several sites that offers online chess games. In this manner you will enhance your game play in the world of chess. Goodluck and Cheers!