What do you think the most popular means of comunication is?

@mengrufa (239)
November 17, 2008 11:41pm CST
Recently, We can comunicate with others in many ways, most of them are very quickly and sastisfy us to comunicate with others. For example, e-mails, it is an long-time means of comunication. We can use them to write to somebody for any purpose, But I want to know what e-mail do you guys usually use? Telephone, a more popular ways for us to use. All the world people have phones and willing to use it for purposes. In recent years, Internet technology become wild spread in the world, and some new comunications are coming out and become popular, like MSN. In chinam there is QQ , which thounds of millions of people use it as one of the most important means for comunicating. And mylotters, what do you think of that, is it good or bad for us to have so many ways for connecting. Waiting for you!
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