Are You a Kisser Or a Hugger?

November 18, 2008 12:54am CST
I am both. I like to kiss and I like to hug. As for my kid, I like to kiss him using my nose and lips. You know, that kiss when you first consume all their scent and kiss them afterwards? LOL I only do it with my super extra love, my son and my daughter.
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• Philippines
26 Mar 09
well,,to cite the fact i'm not a hugger and a kisser but i want to be kiss and hug all the time..i love to feel kisses and hugs from the person i love..but i'm not that much of kisses..i don't kiss and hug that much i feel weird about it..but i feel happy when my love one kisses and hug me..
@Crizhant (187)
• Philippines
3 Dec 08
I'm more of a hugger, i hug my parents when i feel appreciated or when they bought me a present or somethin'. I only kiss my girlfriend. lol :)
@Tianna2 (1273)
• United States
20 Nov 08
I think it depends on my mood but I do like both. I really loved it when my mother did that with me when I was younger. Hugs, Tianna
18 Nov 08
Hi sheena, Yes I am one also, I kiss and hugs too, when my mother was alive I always do that to her and does that to me too, I loved her perfume ot the talc she used to use, mum was tubby and I used to lay my head on her chest and she used to ciddle me like a child when I'm a grown up adult, in our family we all cuddle and kiss each other. Love and a big Hugs to you all. Tamara T
• Qatar
18 Nov 08
im more of a very romantic kisses can mean many things depending on how it was done some culture use it as a greeting or farewell between relatives and friends Happy mylotting