Have You Started Your Own Business Already?

@mchavez11 (1406)
November 18, 2008 1:23am CST
In one point of your life, have you imagined that you will become a successful businessman or a bizwoman? Do you still have this passion or drive? or have you ever tried and attempted to put up your own business? And is it still ongoing today? Whether you've succeeded or not, have you at least started one of your own in thriving to breakthrough or escape from the harsh reality of the rat race? On the other hand, are you satisfied with employment for the rest of your life? As for me, being a business believer kind of person. I started to put up a bar three years ago which was related to my music and preferred subculture. My best friend and I owned this venture. It gave us the sufficient experience in handling and putting up your own biz. Taught me the ins and outs, advantages and disadvantages, and drawbacks, as well as the risks of having one. With us, being the first timers did not do quite bad. We made a little money but we made a lot of history, and we proved to ourselves that we can become as influential as it can be. Although, we had to stop for bigger financial oppurtunities. But the next time we'll do it, we'll be more experienced and aggressive on the financial aspect of it. Finally, we were able to fulfill our dreams and got the necessary drive and strength for our own personalities.
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@Anne18 (11029)
18 Nov 08
I haven't got a businness at the moment in time, but in the past I have been an agent for Avon. I also started my own small business of selling pocket money toys which we used to taker around to car boot sales and craft fairs. But with samll children it just got too much. I would like to do somethnig again like that sometime
@mchavez11 (1406)
• Philippines
18 Nov 08
Well that's good for ou at least you've started something that boosted your morale and drive. Thanks for sharing. Good luck.
• Jamaica
19 Nov 08
Owning and running a business has to be the ultimate dream come through. There are many pitfals and difficulties that will always be there. Many a times there are obstacles that will seem impossible to overcome. There is always the problem of financing and all. If you develop a plan from early and work tirelessly toward this objective you will one day triumph and is able to say - Ive done it!