stepparents evil?

United States
November 18, 2008 2:52am CST
Does anyone ever wonder why most stepparents are sso evil to there stepkids? I have a stepmom and a stepdad, both will manipulate either one of my parents,like when we ask our real parents for something dey will be nice wen stepparents aren't around but when they are around they become so evil and will listen to everyword the steppys say,
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@4mymak (1793)
• Malaysia
18 Nov 08
hello dear, i am sorry that your 'steppys' are 'evil' to you.. they should not be.. could it be that they are 'misunderstood'? my guess is that they are actually 'scared' or 'intimidated' because they know that they could never break that 'child+parent' bond that you share with your parents, that you will always be the special to your parent. also.. a bit of a bad news.. if the 'steppys' didnt get along with your real mom/dad, then they are just 'evil' because you remind them of your real mom/dad.. either way.. i hope you will maintain to be nice to them anyway.. ..try to get them to like you.. try to like them... And always luv your parents.. good luck.
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• United States
18 Nov 08
Yea, your write, maybe that bond we have is just strong. Steppys can sometime get jealous or out of hand thinking da kids are gonna manipulate the parents to break up with them. I give them a chance and yea they still got a lot to prove but I can only like em for a certain point. The most important thing is I will love my parents no matter what. Thank you
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