How to earn more in mylot?

@zoneday (142)
November 18, 2008 6:01am CST
Do what will give us higher reward in mylot? Create a new post or respond to the others will make more money? What about the quality of posting, how mylot determine the quality and the reward?
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@EAStanley (2688)
• United States
18 Nov 08
Just make as many quality posts as possible. Each post needs to be at least 5 sentences long, preferably more. You need to be in-depth and thorough in your responses. The more helpful you can be, the better. You need to completely answer the person's question to the best of your ability. If you can do this several times a day, your earnings will increase significantly. Happy myLotting! :)
@smacksman (6072)
18 Nov 08
It is maybe easier to say what you won't earn for because there are so many ways that you can earn here. The most important is quality. Mylot will not pay for rubbish and will not pay for no effort. One line replies will earn nothing. OK, sometimes all you want to say is very short and to the point - fair enough, but don't expect payment for it. A post of four or five lines or about 50 words should earn you a cent. But don't think of the cents - think of joining in an interesting and educational discussion. It is fun!
@vidhyavini (6112)
• India
18 Nov 08
Creating Discussions earn us more if we get more number of Descriptive responses. To get many responses, your discussion must be a quality one. Earning Tips: 1) In mylot, we can earn money for starting a discussion(only if the discussion started by us has some responses). For every responses we will earn. We will also earn for responding to other discussions. 2) While posting something, make sure that you write atleast 5 sentences. The more descriptive you are, the money you earn will be more. 3) Add as many friends as possible. They will help us in our earnings by responding to our discussions. 4) While starting discussions, add an image with it. We will earn for uploading photos and the discussion will get many response if a photo is uploaded to it. 5) Comment back on every response that your discussions is getting. Rate them and mark the best responses. This is your duty. Everyone are just spending some time and taking effort to respond to your discussion. Doing these will make them happy. 6) Last but not least. Enjoy more. The more you enjoy mylotting, the more you earn. All the best. Happy mylotting.
• United Arab Emirates
18 Nov 08
the best way to earn more is by referrals, n can do that by any site like youtube tell them about mylot and give them your referral sign up so u get by them signing up i did this and am very successful at this hope you like the tip..:)
@Metalchick (1391)
18 Nov 08
To earn more here the best advice I can give is to stay as active as possible and always insure you post as high a quality as possible. The more descriptive you make your response and the better you answer the discussion the more you should recieve. You can also eanr through adding photos and commenting on responses and pictures all of which is classified as participation. The best thing is is to keep posting and just enjoy it.
• United States
18 Nov 08
The first thing that you can do is refer others to my lot. If your referral are active you will receive %25 percent of their earnings too. Secondly, you have to write quality responses and post. Most say that you need to have four or more lines. You can also upload pictures and post them to your topics. I hope that this helps you. Happy Mylotting. -Barb