If only i could go back in time to fix things..i'll start by the future!

@blazivic (100)
November 18, 2008 6:45am CST
Hey everyone! I was just thinking the other day about the mistakes and the things i shouldn't have done and the choices i've made that didn't work out for me. I found out that i have a lot of regrets about my past. And i can't stop imagining what would my life be if i did things differently back then, the right way, or at least more reasonable way, since i think: "There's no Right or Wrong in Life", there's only "Actions & Consequences" So What if i could go back in time and fix things , do it differently ? It's silly question to ask.It comes from the disbelief in one's choices. I keep telling myself "What's done is done" and that i have to focus on the future. u know what they say: "The best way to predict the future is to build it" But I think what scares me more than my regrets and my mistakes in my past, is the future and what it holds for me. I'm afraid to make other mistakes and have other regrets. Is it normal to feel this way or i'm not believing in myself enough or what? Well, my life didn't went at all like i planned earlier.So i don't know what to do next. I'm gonna let things flow with the river and see what happens. Obviously i'm not asking you guys to help me in my delicate case, but i'm asking you one thing though: Should one feel this way? what should one's mentality be like at this stage? What should i be concentrating? WHAT's gonna happen later on? Anyway, i just felt like writing and expressing myself.I was told that it helps.well yea i kinda feel a little better, since now i have the serious attitude to improve my life! happy mylotting
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19 Nov 08
yeah, blazivic, many people wishes it too. to come in time and fix their faults, even myself hope it too. How i could come in time where i could checked everything i have done and put it right but no travel machine available now, that is why every activities in my daily life, i try to put it in writing, it makes me remember the things happen and the things I did. and so when i'm getting old. I will read all of those things.