2012 PHENOMENA.. Do you think the Maya culture was right?...

@raven66 (335)
November 18, 2008 8:47am CST
When they predicted... way back! more than 3000 years ago about the year 2012 being THE END of TIME as we know it. You know there are thousands of sites out there and all kinds of different people predicting all sorts of calamities, struggles, devastation, and all around caos and great change!.. Whats your take on what is being said and predicted ?.. Do you think it can be of some importance? Are you worried?...What do you really believe can or will happen?..I would apriciate any thoughts and or comments about this.
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• United States
18 Nov 08
I don't think anyone can speculate about the end of the world, and if we did know it was coming and couldn't stop it..then it's best we don't know. People would go nuts!
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@Anchopy (1453)
• Paraguay
18 Nov 08
Hi raven, I think that the predictions are just a way that people use to get attention focused on them, I think that there is no way that people can know what will happen tomorrow or in 3000 years.. That's what I think
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