call center industry

November 18, 2008 11:20am CST
this industry is really booming for it provides employment to thousands of people. this is the only job where age, degree and personality don't matter. as long as you believe that you have the potential to be a call center agent, then you go for it. others thought that to be in this industry is so lucky because you'll just be sitting for 8-9 hours just to speak to members and assist with their concerns. not realizing that same with other careers, it's also a tough job and stressful. if only they know that it's also not easy to be in this industry.
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@_Honey_ (781)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
I used to work in a call center. It may not be as tough and as complicated as compared to the other jobs but the risk of getting burnt out is high since this is quite a routine. You keep on saying almost saying the same thing, hearing almost the same questions to the point of not exerting too much effort to come up with a satisfying resolution. You must also be aware of what you say over the phone because your calls get monitored for quality assurance which affects your call performance, grades, and affects your bonus and even your annual appraisal. If there's something challenging about this, it would be the fact that you try to keep your cool, patient and polite tone even if you get irate callers and customers. Communication skills is a must for you to elaborate what needs to be elaborated and explain policies, standards, product info in an articulate manner. Over all, the working environment is a good one. I miss my call center days. :)
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• Philippines
24 Nov 08
thanks for sharing your experience.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
18 Nov 08
I used to be a telephone operator for years and I know what a tough job it is, and I was in an area where people would call us for call connections, to find out numbers or to find out why their phone was not working and we still had very rude people so I can imagine what some call centre operators get when they are the ones calling people if that is the sort of thing you are doing...I wish you well in your job...
• Philippines
21 Nov 08
Yeah, i agree with you. To be a an agent is not an easy job.