should i take a trip?

United States
November 18, 2008 3:39pm CST
hi every one i just responded to the post about the naging husband .i have been putting up with this for years along with doing most of the care for our triplets sense they were born and working .nothing never seems right .now the naging has carried over to the children .i have worked seven days aweek earley mornings and taking care of our triplets during the day for 6 years love my kids dearley .but i have not had a break for 6 years and feel like i need to get out of this place for a while.i am thinking about takeing a trip in six months i will have to take th kids with me because i think they would have a hard time if they were left here.i dont think it would be a good idea for them to stay here.does any one know of any cheap airlines i will be traveling to calif from sd for 3 days .do you think this is a good idea?do you think it is safe to travel with children?do you think it is fair for me to go with out my husband i really need to get away from him for awhile .he will have to pick his own under wear up off of the floor and make his own dinner and wash his own clothes so we will see how it goes for him.
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