Organ Donations in Islam

United States
November 18, 2008 6:12pm CST
One of the main pillars in Islam is to give to those in need. I figured that organ donations would be one of those. Obviously, if you're dead, you wouldn't need it as bad as others may. I had a discussion with another Muslim friend of mine who says it is a sin. His argument was that it's a violation of the human body. You're changing what God gave you. My argument was that it is zakat, or charity, and since it was something greater than anything money could buy, it was considered a greater donation. I was just wondering what other arguments could be used in this discussion. Either for or against. thank you.
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• India
22 Nov 08
my friend, firstly any donation which has a good intention and welfare behind it, is a noble act. we dont need god to certify it as good or bad, we human beings are far intelligent than him to see the truth. religions are generally destructive. its not just islam, every other ones too. they thrive on human suffering, not on human happiness. some are afraid that if a man could save with the help of organ donation, then man became more creative than god. such cheap thinking theology is the cause of all sufferings. shun them. if ever you can save a life by donating your organs after your time is over, my friend, go ahead and do it. dont care for what others say. have faith in yourself, not in god.