Is Chronic Obstructive Disease just another name for COPD?

@Paula1966 (1102)
United States
November 19, 2008 12:34am CST
My husband, who has never smoked, just got back from the pulmonary specialist today. He has a persistent cough, and felt fluid building up. He brought it up to the doctor about a month ago, but the doctor didn't detect any fluid then. My husband couldn't breathe last week, and got back in to see the doctor on Friday. He subsequently got today's appointment with the specialist. Today they determined he only has 50% lung capacity. They had given him an inhaler Friday, which helps the cough but not the fluid. He saw on his sheet that the specialist had written Chronic Obstructive Disease. They have not given him a course of action yet - they want to review his chest x-rays and check with his primary physician. I'm pretty upset, but I don't want him to know. Thanks.
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@tinamwhite (3255)
• United States
19 Nov 08
Paula, I am sorry!I know that you must be scared right now... Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease...treatments and lifestyle changes can help him feel better, stay more active, and slow the progress of the disease. I would suggest that you read everything that you can on the subject...although, there is no cure right now...many people live with COPD for many happy years.. Be sure to ask his doctor if he needs to take the flu and pneumonia immunizations to reduce his risk of further problems...maintaining ongoing medical care will be a primary factor... There are some very good medications on the market for COPD sure that he takes whatever is prescribed properly... Blessings, Tina