Is it important? a minimum grade...

@bOnkzs (31)
November 19, 2008 2:08am CST
every subject in school certain have minimum grade. And sometime we must repeat the test because we cannot pass the grade. because min. grade, sometime our parents get angry.Is a minimum grade important?let's get comment.
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@stiener (735)
• Singapore
20 Nov 08
The minimum grade marks the minimum expectation of a student in each subject. The minimum grade tells a tale about a student's performance against the institution they are studying...When someone tells you that by scoring a minimum grade, you are just normal or it is poor or average performance...the part on being "average" is true within your cohort. Your score probably falls within mid range or towards the left side of the bell curve (normal distribution). This however does not mean that you are good or poor in your studies. Let me quote to you an example, if you are studying in Harvard University or any top universities in the world and you always score a minimum pass for your modules. Do you think people would comment that you are an average student? If they know how stringent are the markers in these universities about their students work, you will probably get a praise for even passing the exams because the papers are likely to be tougher. Likewise if you are studying in an unrecognised institution (degree printing factories), by scoring a minimum pass would mean that you are probably well below average in terms of academic performance. So now, we all need to be aware of where we stand and how we fare. Understand which category your school falls under and from there you may be able to access the level where you stand.
• Canada
19 Nov 08
Wel i guess for most schools a minimu grade is 50 percent, with other school or subjcets it might be higheror lower. But the reason they put in mimnimum grade requirments is so your next teacher doesnt have to re teach you all the things you should already know for the class. Think about the rest of the students in the class that are well above the minimum grade, i dont think they want to sit there going at the pace of the slowest kid when he really should be retaking whatever eh didnt learn at his own pace.
@nadooa247 (1096)
• United States
19 Nov 08
A student's aim should be for something HIGHER than the minimum grade. Well if all you aim for is the minimum grade your GPA (Grade point average) won't be so wonderful. A lot of colleges and universities offer scholarships based on final GPA grade upon graduating from high school. Some even require a minimum GPA to even register in their schools.
@remrick (202)
• Philippines
19 Nov 08
I think it is important. I mean, grades are supposed to be a measure of academic performance so there has to a minimum standard in order for us to determine how much a student has learned and if he's learned enough about the course to pass and proceed to the next level. Otherwise, what's the point of coming up with grades if every one passes because there's no minimum? And if there's no minimum standard, a student may not be prepared to take on higher subjects... Happy MyLotting!