Beauty and Pride (truth hurts?)

November 19, 2008 2:58am CST
Why are women hated who say that they're more beautiful or prettier than others? In a man it's only a good thing if he knows he's hotter or more handsome than other guys. He doesn't have to say it but just act it. And women fall for it... or do they? I know this one girl at school, who is really good looking and plain fun. At this one party, she fooled around, laughed and joked that "well it's not easy being prettier than anyone else aroudn here". Some guys laughed, but the girls who heard that we're shocked and scuttled to other room. I was curious and followed them, I heard them being really angry and calling the girl w***e and other bad things, and how they planned how to tell everyone about this accident. Just a one joke, which might have a little truth in it? Does the truth hurt or what is it?
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