Pay to Search!? I get payment 2 times!!!

November 19, 2008 6:52am CST
Hi everyone!!! I am using a really greate site that pay me to do what I already do every day for free!! Search!!! Yes, like we do in google or yahoo!!! Is really easy! I already get paied two times! In the first one I earned about 30 pounds (this site pay us in pounds, what worth much more than dollars!!!!) without referrals!!! in the second time I earned 43,85 pounds!!! With only two referrals!!! If you want see the proofs search for it here in mylot using the search box in the top of the site, I posted the proofs. This site pay us about one cent of pound per search, but if you are from europe or US you will earn more, about 2 or 3 cents!!! So, much better than anny PTC, is not? This site accept international member and pay by check, Banck transfer, and PAYPAL!!! If you like the idea ask me more about or visite my profile where you will find the link! Good luck!
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@Metalchick (1391)
19 Nov 08
I am a member of this site and think it's absolutely brillaint. I know many people say that they haven't been paid but I put this down to the fact that they have so many users and are always growing so they may have fallen behind a little with payments that's all. I have been using this site for a couple of months now and have reached payout which I have been told I will recieve during the middle of December sometime via paypal. I too have a link to this site on my profile and can't speak more highly of it at the moment.
@cdsamp (91)
• Argentina
19 Nov 08
Yeah, i know this site, the great thing it's that it pays you for second level referrals and more level too. I don't use it very much because you need a lot of searches per day to make some money, and I don't get very much per search (not even $0,01 USD, half a cent of pound). Maybe is because I'm not from USA? Regards
@rjbass (1422)
• United States
19 Nov 08
It's good news to see that this site is paying. I've read a lot about members still waiting on payment requests so I stopped searching. I guess I can start up again. Thanks for posting.