Getting out the fat

November 19, 2008 8:35am CST
Here are four strategies you can use to reduce the eat in your diet. substitute.drink skin milk instead of whole milk. Or, better yet, use a nondairy substitute. Try a bowl of chilled fruit instead of ice cream for dessert. Look for healthful substitutes for the highfat items in your diet, such as cheeses, meats, dressings, and oils. reduce. instead of ordering an eight-ounce steak, try a smaller portion with pasta or a vegetable lasagna. Instead of a whole pie, take just a sliver. Eating smaller portions of your favorite highfat foods allows you to savor a few decadent bites while still cutting fat from your diet. eliminate. eliminate as many temptations as possible. If you don't buy it and bring it into the house, you won't eat it. Eliminating highfat foods can work wonders. construct. processed foods are stuffed with added fat. If you want to regain control over what goes into your body, cook for yourself. Get a good lowfat cookbook and learn how to prepare delicious new dishes. It's the surest way to protect yourself from the deadly effects of to much fat.
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