Roof top gardens... feasible in Singapore?

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November 19, 2008 8:59am CST I was watching the news when they reported that Tokyo is harvesting some very good sweet potatoes on the roof of their company. And with the harvest, they celebrated with a variety of sweet potatoes dishes. This is such an innovative idea. To have a roof garden that grows food. Here in Singapore, there are very few roof top gardens. And even when there is one, it is not growing anything useful other than a few bushes of flowers that turns into mini jungles due to lack of care after a few years. I sure wish we could do the same here in Singapore. Given that we are a small island country with a lot of high rise buildings. And with the aging population growing, it would be a very good activity for the older folks to keep them busy in their retirement. It would also be a good source of food that could add to the local markets to keep prices low. If the government will also invest in some solar panels on the roof that charges batteries that will run the lights in the night, that would cut our carbon emissions by quite a bit too. I sure hope the government can look into this and divert some of their infrastructure budget to do so. And with that, hope that it will also reduce some of our cost to maintaining the estate by reducing the service and conservancy fees we pay from the savings they get from these roof top activities. A win win situation for both the people and the government! An impossible dream? You think? Tokyo did it. Why not us? Please share your views!
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