What do you believe?

United States
November 19, 2008 9:54am CST
I am curious about the beliefs of others. Not just religious beliefs, also political or superstitious beliefs. Just explain yourself and why you have that surtain belief.
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@sktekweb (277)
• India
21 Nov 08
My personal belief to which I'm convinced is that,"If I tell truth and does not harm others,neither by jealousy nor by any selfishness or ego,my body and mind will never suffer any disease.If I tell truth and does not harm any person for one year,I get a special telepathic power.And if I curse a very bad harmful person,it will be fruitful." My bad luck changes with it.I have not yet cursed any one heavily.Once a known harmful man was there in a God's prayer room.I prayed God,"Dear God these people come to pray you here,but why don't you punish them for their evil deeds. Is there no effect of bad deeds." Amazingly,the harmful man suffered breaking of his leg and I begged pardon before God that I should not think like that".Luckily I'm having even no common illness like cold last year.GOD- a super power around and within us is utilising our life force till it is in life.
@Yori88 (1468)
• Philippines
20 Nov 08
I believe that there is God. I always believe that whenever we need Him he is not around but he knows the right time and proper place when to be there for us. I believe that miracles do happen if you have a strong faith in God and in yourself too. I believe that we need to attract good things so they will come to us in the most unexpected moments. With regard to superstitious beliefs, I believe that sibling should not marry on the same year. That will cause bad luck on both parties. I don't bother myself too much on political matters but I believe that if a country wants to become progressive, discipline should start with the citizens and the government should not be corrupt. That's all!