Give Me Peace

November 19, 2008 11:12am CST
Give me peace, a long peace I will stand tall with the power of King Canute To crackle at the kicking war machines To break the winds of riches in false history That goes down the macabre lines of civilisation Hours of surly feelings never ending Centuries of poverty lining in disaster of philosophy All living beings like dead souls Carrying the stillborn children with no hope to procreate Creamy creatures of frozen oceans for all living Breads and butter for a handful, a far cry Liberty with freedom far too below the pverty line Capital and violence steady together with the linen clothes To conquer the colony of empire in feast of fury As if there will be no end to the steady flow of eternity Will there be a change of clock Will there be a silence of the firing guns When all souls will bury the hatchet When the lethal days will warm up for the midnight sun And no one ever will beg mercy for a meal of manna Give me peace, a signing peace To sustatin the blowing dusts of dying species And I will cry for the moon once and for all.
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