Best player on Barcelona?

@alexudy (131)
United States
November 19, 2008 3:48pm CST
Who do you think is the best player on FCBarcelona? And tell me why you think he's the best. And also name me your top 5 clubs and top 5 players of 2008. I think Eto'o is the best player on Barca because of his style, his speed, and his stamina. He also has good finishes and dribbles past defenders like its nothing.
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• India
19 Jan 09
I like MESSI,u heard wat the gr8s of the game had to say abt him"HE IS FROM ANOTHER PLANET".but according to me the best of BARCA was RONALDINHO.Messi has got speed and a wonderful attitude,Never boasts. My top 5 clubs are FC BARCELONA,AC MILAN,MANCHESTER UNITED,CHELSEA,LEVERPOOL
• India
19 Jan 09
my top players r messi,Iker cassilas,fernando torres,rooney,christiano ronaldo
@mud10j (11)
• India
4 Jan 09
the best player at the moment is samuel eto'o, bcoz he is such a clinical finisher and has gotspeed,intelligence. the best 5 clubs are-manchester united,cheslea,real madrid,barcelona,ac milan the best 5 players-c.ronaldo,messi,john terry,fernando torres,david villa
• Indonesia
14 Feb 09
agree with you, eto'o (and messi) is the best player
@leekk8 (27)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 09
Sure Messi...Messi is the best player not only in Barcelona but in the world... Top 5 clubs should be Barcelona, Arsenal, Real Madrid, AC Milan and Chelsea. Top 5 players??? Should be Messi, Fabregas, Kaka, Lampard and Henry.
@spirite68 (185)
• France
24 Apr 09
The best player in barcelona now is Lionel messi, because he have the best skills, he run fast and for me it's the best player in the world. The top 5 of the clubs in 2008 for me is: 1.Arsenal, 2. Real Madrid, 3. Olympique Lyonnais( I'm french).
@fjadrian (24)
• Malaysia
18 Feb 09
To me Messi is the best. He is a talented player who creates most of the chances for the team and win for the team. He is totally a brilliant player! Best 5 top clubs: Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Arsenal and Liverpool. Best 5 players: Messi, Raul, C.Ronaldo, Fabregas and Gerrard.
@bzsdf3 (12)
• Portugal
4 Jan 09
i believe that the best player in barça is Messi because it's magic tha way he play. the top five clubs Liverpool.Chelsea.Real Madrid.manchester united.inter milan. top players.Steven Gerrard.Torres.David Villa.Arshavin.Casillas.