Do you like lomo camera???

November 19, 2008 3:52pm CST
Hi ^^ I had some interest in lomo camera lately. It think its very fun and full of mystery. What kind of fun?? hmm lomo camera looks like a toy because some type of lomo camera's chasing made from plastic and not only the chasing but also the lens ^^ Some introduction about lomo camera that I know is this kind of camera first used for spying in military, so the basic of photography knowledge or composition isn't necessary. Today so many people using this kind of camera just for fun. The mystery behind this camera was the result of the shoot. Nowadays people prefer to use digital camera than analog one because it's easy and practical to use. Lomo camera type was analog, so we didn't know the result of what had we shoot before we process it. (different type of lomo camera had his own unique color that digital camera don't have). And the price is not to expensive (cheaper than digital camera). if you had interest in it, you can visit lomo society at Now I really want to buy Diana and fisheye camera!! ^^
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