Webmasters with sites / blogs containing information on PTC,PTR,Auto surf etc...

@stiener (735)
November 20, 2008 1:23am CST
Hi, I set up a website a week ago www.zerocapital.co.cc and now having problems placing ads by Adsense, Bidvertiser and Adbrite. The content of my site includes information promoting paid to click and HYIP. I heard that sites with Google Adsense should note be a PTC or similar site. Neither should the webmaster use traffic exchange programs to generate traffic to the site. As I am not sure if my site did violate the TOS, I have remove the codes on every page. I have emailed all 3 companies to clarify on this issue. Only Adbrite replied to me so far. They make it very clear that my site will not be accepted into their network. What puzzles me is that they had included "PTC" in their pull down selection of the site content. So why would they forbid it and still display it as a selection? I am now waiting for the other 2 to respond. May I ask for any suggestion from members here who have similar sites and the online advertising that they are working with that allows such contents? I am very sure that my site will not be placed into a traffic exchange to generate traffic nor is it a Paid to Click site. Your advise is deeply appreciated.
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