How Much Time Would You Like To Spend in chatting with your friends

@rowe0525 (677)
November 20, 2008 2:38am CST
hey mylotters do you like chatting with your friends,especially those who are long time no see \last week .i came across an old friend who have depart many years,but mastly can not recognise her, after ,i spent many times to chat with her and have a good time,,we all enjioy ourself ,and we have a bite in restaurant,and depart again i have apent about 9 hours stay with her but i feel happy,,what do you have in mind if you meet an old friend
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@ph0eph0o (40)
• Pakistan
20 Nov 08
i'll take my time with her as long as i live
@rowe0525 (677)
• China
20 Nov 08
sounds like may you happy with her
@Anne18 (11034)
20 Nov 08
As long as possible, we never seem to run out of words to say
• India
20 Nov 08
Hi friend, It all depends upon the topic we have with each other.If the topic is interesting, i will spend lot of time with him or her.If it is boring than i say good bye for today.I am not interested to talk with off topic as i feel it is waste of time in talking about them.If i got bored than i talk friendly with my friends.If they are out of limit than i warn them about it.If it goes too far,i just say bye to them and some times i delete them from my messenger's list too. Have a nice day
20 Nov 08
Hi rowe0525, My friend and I spend a lot of time on the phone to each other, although we do see eache other often, we still love to chat for about three house in the evening. Tamara
@underdogtoo (9588)
• Philippines
20 Nov 08
I used to spend a lot of time chatting but I no longer have that luxury. I am too engrossed in my offline work. Cheers!!