anyone had any tricks for stuff eating puppies

November 20, 2008 5:48am CST
I got 2 puppies in my apartment they are really cute and I like to play with them whenever I got home from work. But lately, they had been such destroyer, my toilet paper ruin, my lamp desk all over the floor and probably I got to get a new couch. Anyone out there has any tricks to handle puppies that behave like this? Any advise and suggestion would be much appreciate.
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@Seraphine (385)
• Finland
20 Nov 08
I second the crate training suggestion. It's not cruel, dogs are den animals and if taught properly they will consider the crates as their safe haven. It should never be used as a punishment, just make it a fun happy place for them to be. It doesn't only keep your things safe from your dogs, it keeps the dogs safe from potentially harmful things in your apartment as well. Another thing is to increase the exercise they get. Tired pups are good pups and pups need a lot of stimulation, both physical and mental. Supervise every second they are out of the crate and interrupt and redirect their attention to more appropriate chew things/toys whenever they get something they shouldn't have, which they shouldn't get in the first place as it's up to you to keep everything out of their reach - puppies explore with their mouths and if you don't start putting things up or away everything to them is fair play, they know no difference between for example your brand new pair of expensive shoes or a chew toy. It's up to you to be there to teach them what is acceptable and what is not.
• Indonesia
21 Nov 08
Thank you guys for your suggestion and advise I really appreciate it a lot. After reviewing such comments from you all, I decided to put those puppies in the crate. I also putting their toys and food plate in there so they can play and eat all the same time. After a while, they looks like they do enjoying their new 'territory'. But here comes another problem... They pup all over the blanket I put in their crate wow, this is unbelievable. Now, is there any suggestion on how should I train them so they know where to make the drop? Thanks guys
• United States
20 Nov 08
I read a response before that mentioned crate training and you seemed to not wnat to do this because you said you didnt have the heart for it... Dogs like crate training. it might not seem like it in first, but they like the stablity of knowing that is their place. imagine going to a friends house and they say to you hey, go ahead and do whatever you want , have the run of the house, then when you do, they get angry at you for doing it... if you had ONCE spot, with rules, you will thrive better. Look into crate training. Dogs in the wild crave havinging their den to go into. esp young pups. you will find if you crate train adn train the pup with obedience training on a regular basis, that even when you dont require them to be in the crate , they will go in anyway and hang out. I have an 8 month olf golden retriever and she loves her crate even when shes not locked in. Your dogs will continue to destroy your things until you start to train them appropriatly . then you will have 2 very unruly dogs. and getting 2 puppies is MUCH harder than one. because they have more interest in each other than you. so you have an uphill battle. but in my opinion its very unfair to expect a dog to live in a persons world and understand their rules when they are dogs. NOT people. learn how to get thier world to mix with yours easily and you will have well bahaved dog. go to obidenece classes and buy the dog whispers book. youll be doing yoruself and them a great favor and you will enjoy them so much more...