What makes you Happy?

United States
November 20, 2008 10:29am CST
I was sitting here listening to the power tools and hammers of a neighbor reparing a deck in his back yard. the noise was irritating, then suddenly it stopped. It was quiet and I was grateful, until I really listened. I hear the light cool breeze blowing the leave in the tree, the birds singing, a squirrel racing up and down teh tree. I realise that I have so many things that bring me peace, when I focus on them, rather than the things that annoy me. I have many things that bring me such joy, watching the sunrise or sunset, sitting at the beahc watching the birds and the water, listening to the waves, picking up sea shells, lookinf for an occasional dolphin to appear. I love listening to childrens laughter, and the stories of old timers of days gone by. I enjoy a good joke, a funny story, or a great recipie shared by friends. I like to find a great sale or deal and running into people on the street who smile and say hello. I like hanging out with friend who share rich conversation and being alone with a good book or a hot bubble bath. I love fresh flowers and clean sheets from the dryer. I bask in the wonder of nature and cherrish famliy traditions. I smile when I hear my word comming from my childrens mouth, and remember my childhood when I hear my parents words from my chilren, but the most tresuered thing is when I hear my 5 year old grandson saying things that he learned from his mom, who learned them from me, who learned them from my mom who learned them from my grandma, who ... It reminds me that we are all connected and have a strong bond from generations past way beyond to generations yet to come and I have been blessed beyond words to have been a part of it all. Thats what makes ME happiest. Care to share what makes you happy?
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• India
22 Nov 08
I am a happy person. What makes me happy? Well, I used to be a very sad and painfilled person and I got tired of it. I learned it was a choice. I needed to focus on the good things . . . like glitter and babies and 3 year olds playing with glitter and the smell of jergens lotion - original scent and the fact I can hear and see and smell . . . and you know what really makes me happy??? Knowing the rivers keep flowing . . .even though I am not there to see it and the waves of the ocean continue to roll ashore . . . and all those people in Hong Kong . . well they are still there in Hong Kong and there are people climbing up to the big buddah statue every day . . . knowing all that, well, it gives me comfort and peace and makes me feel happy. You can distract your friend, you can help by planting seeds of how to find peace within him or herself. You can express compassion and love . . it helps. Pranks?? well . . . depends on the person. Cross that territory carefully it could backfire.
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• United States
22 Nov 08
Children are really a blessing and birng such joy to all of us. I love what you said about the rivers and oceans.. it is all so true. there are so many wonders taht we often need reminders of. thanks for sharing!