Belief and Science

@sktekweb (277)
November 20, 2008 10:32am CST
Reincarnation- A topic that participated earlier led me to start it on the ideas of BELIEF and SCIENTIFIC PROOF.Some participants said that they believe in reincarnation.Some said that it is not scientifically proved.My response to them,that I repeat is:We are not going to prove everything in our human life scientifically.Believing is a feeling,sense perception.SCIENCE is not complete to answer all our questions.A scientist's whole life is spent on a single research.Some topics require scientific research some are simple faith and beliefs.Even some scientists pray God for their success.What do they feel- a super power above oor head-God,whatever name we give to God in our religion.This life is not to prove everything.DO YOU BELIEVE REINCARNATION? Just respond to what you feel.
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