Identity and Identity Crisis

November 20, 2008 11:08am CST
A man lives as much in his ideas as in his identity. Political ideologues say that certain identities pertaining to a person are always carried with the person concerned and they in a way dominate all other identities of his. You cannot believe that a person belonging to Muslim community would in no way be ready to let his other identities to get the better of his long cherished faith. Other identities are wont to toe the line of prevalent code of conduct of our social life. But they are most likely to change on the occasional demands of the situation. For instance, our food, clothing and some personal preferences keep on changing and that we take for granted. And it is also there that some identities come in the way of others and prevent to go through. For instance, a Hindu most likely would be averse to taking beef. Generally in cases of such events, a man fears of losing his identity and that fear creates identity crisis in that person.
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