Just got back from a 3 day trip to SoCCSKSarGen...and this part of the earth is

November 20, 2008 5:06pm CST
really AMAZING! SoCCSKSarGen=ia an acronym of Region XII here in the Philippines. It stands for: South Cotabato Cotabato Sultan Kudarat Saranggani General Santos When one mentions-COTABATO-the only thing that would come to a listener's mind will be...Abu Sayaff and MILF or Moro Islamic Liberation Front...these 2 groups are considered as the most notorious group in the Philippines. My husband and I travelled by car. We did not bring the children with us as it is school time. Plus we were not sure of the peace and order situation of the place we were going to. Honestly when we entered the big arch with the statues of Mindanao's indigeneous people,saying =Welcome to North Cotabato,I felt goose bumps all over. Scary tales have been told until now about this place especially the Pikit area where we were to pass by. But as we went along the trip,our fear went away little by little. This region is truly gifted with Natural resources. This region is never hit by typhoon just like Region 9,10 and 11. Beautiful tall green trees are commonly lined up in evry highway. Flowers,flowers,flowers -you can see everywhere. Water forms can be seen along the highway...but wait til you see lake Buhi. People selling fruits were lined up along the high way to sell to motorists. The side of the road were red of Rambutan,violet with mangosteens,brown with Marang and durian,and yellow with bananas. I was over stuffed with fruits. The public schools were all colorful with pastel colored paints and flowers everywhere plus huts along ponds. Children were playing along school grounds.i never saw in my life so beautiful school grounds. It is very ironic that a place famous for being war tornand all can be this beautiful. I hope the government and MILF & Abu Sayaf will eventually stop their war. The region is so rich...the world must see its other side of it=its beauty. Are you willing to take chances in travelling to places like this?I am thankful we did. please share.tnx
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