Economy Crisis

November 20, 2008 7:29pm CST
This 2008 economy crisis covers all the world,including China.I have been on to it coming.Now,we company product less production and we often work 2 days and have a rest for 3days.So,we earn less money every day.And we are facing the out of work.I couldn't imagine how will it become and how long will it continue. How about your county or your company,my friends?Share it
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• China
9 Dec 08
I am a chinese and a student too.Infact,i don't know about economy crisis very much before,but after listening an econonist's lecture,i recognised the severity of this crisis.Now,many are at the risk of losing job,and some can't find job at all.Not all of people realize the severity,and even we did, we don't know how to cope with it still. Hope the whole world will undergo the economy crisis.
• China
8 Dec 08
i'm a Chinese college student. Next year,I will finish school.Becuase 2008 economy crisis many people out of work so I get a job will be dificult.