The economy is bad..We need to boycott everything and go on strike!

@stinge (809)
United States
November 21, 2008 12:10am CST
I'm from ny, and I just saw a news report were they are talking about getting rid of a few train llines in our subway system, and cutting about 700 jobs in the transit system. They interviewed some of the people that use the subway system as well. There was one guy who takes the train to look for work. He has been unemployed since June. That is a long time to be looking for a job. I heard another guy the interviewed say we all need to go on strike. They are taliking about cutting train lines and raising the fare's, but the service isn't improving. The bottom line is that all of the companies out there aren't making any money, and people are getting laid off because of it. And this makes it harder to find a job these days because know one is hiring when they aren't making any money. I work for the post office. I just heard in a meeting that our numbers are down. They said that the money we usaully makein the summer time from all of the magazine subscriptions are lower than usual. And that's because know one is spending money in these hard times. And it's the same problem for all the companies out there. People are doing less spending, and the comapnies and public services we use are raising the prices to make up for their losses. I t would be really nice if we could just go on strike and not go to work, and stop paying for everything. Show the companies and our employers that we are not going to stand for the transportation fare hikes, and the higher price settings on all other things that we use. But unfortunately many of us have families to take care of, and we cannot afford to stop going to work. But something has got to give.
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