How far do you know your ancestors?

@srganesh (6344)
November 21, 2008 12:36am CST
We all know our immediate grandparents.But do you know more than that?Have you any history of your family members?Do you have any photos of your ancestors?Ever wondered what they were doing to earn,how was their lfe style and what were their ambitions?Do you remember your grandpa or grandma saying that you look like their father or uncle?
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@syfarisk (378)
• Malaysia
21 Nov 08
I only know my ancestors four generations back only. Meaning, all the way to my great grandparents. I don't know those before that as I haven't really made the effort to research it or get to know about them. Everyone's busy with lots of things nowadays, and never have time to find out. But I have an uncle who is committed to doing research about the history of my family. I met him few weeks back and it was quite interesting. He designed this kind of family tree, and then he wrote articles about certain members of the family who had great achievements. He planned to publish his whole research outcome as a book.
@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
21 Nov 08
I never knew my grandparents but because I have done my family tree I feel I knew them well, I have gone back about five generations in several lines, doing your family tree is very well worth while, you can learn a lot.
@Zezloler (497)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Nov 08
I was just thinking about this and asking my mum yesterday. =P I know what a few of my great-grandparents were called, but I don't know anyone before that. I'm really curious to know though, and I should probably ask my grandparents sometime. I'm also itching to know what they were doing (especially the ones from way far back), what they looked like, what their life was like and what they hoped to acheive. I should ask for photos or something. xD I wonder if I have any relatives that *aren't* from my home country, Serbia. O.o My mum told me that we all are, except for really old ones that were Slovenians. That's a given though because we descended from them anyway. xD Weird... I really should find out more about my family tree. *Getting interested now*