Do you Believe in Happily Ever After?

November 21, 2008 12:55am CST
For me, there is no such things as happily ever after, because in our life we don't always live to be happy. Even if we have all the things in the world, it don't still give us that happily ever after. I guess happily ever after happens when we die and live again the next life, the everlasting life with out creator. If we deserve to have that...
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@RebeccaLynn (2256)
• United States
21 Nov 08
I believe in Mostly Happily Ever After because no one is happy all of the time. But I also don't believe that it is things that make a person happy. Happiness is a choice. Unhappiness is a choice. You have to choose which one you want.
• Canada
22 Nov 08
I am not sure if all the times if happiness is a choice, because there are things you dont expect to come to you and some of it are bad and could hurt you, you maybe try to not be affected and be happy instead, it will be hard to handle that,and even if you smile to other's still you can't hide that pain you feel where it make your eyes show the sadness. You can't handle the feelings you will will nor you can never choose what to feel inside you. The best thing of having pains and sadness is to cry and burst it out after that you will feel totally free from it. Then it will be easy for you to forget it and be happy again.
@annierose (18953)
• Philippines
21 Nov 08
I believe in happy endings despite the fact that life is not a bed or roses. I do not have a belief like that because I always experienced the good side of life but because I believe that there is always a rainbow after the rain. We experienced and have been experiencing so many headaches and heartaches but we cannot avoid those because life is like that. We all have that in order to makes us stronger and deserving in the eyes of our God. If we cannot commit mistakes or cannot experience sadness and failures, then we cannot learn in this life. It just depend on the person how he will face such hardships and difficulties.Remember that as a man, we have a freedom to choose whether to be a winner or a loser in this life.If a man continue to have faith in God and never give up his dreams and aspirations I believe that he can experience a happily ever after.