items that you collect/would like to collect from Starbucks?

@pinks17 (2192)
November 21, 2008 3:51am CST
[i]I've collected probably 4 coffee tumblers from Starbucks.Two was given by an ex-boyfriend and eventually lost one and gave the other to a friend and now I am left with two tumblers,the other tumbler you can place pics or actually design it and the other one is just the regular coffee tumbler. I want to collect their planner but sad to say you have to collect stickers every time you buy a cup of coffee so you have to spend a lot of money just to get that special edition planner which I think is not practical and another thing you have to complete 15 stickers until December to get that planner. Do you collect items from Starbucks?[/i]
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• Philippines
7 Jan 09
i have been drinking at starbucks over years now but i haven't been collecting anything from it. but now that i was really happy with my first starbucks planner for 2009 maybe i'll start collecting planners every year. i know it will cost me a lot of expense collecting it but i think its worth it. for me, when they handed me the planner and had it in my hands i forgot already how i went through just to have one for myself. anyway, my friends and cousins are willing to help me fill all the stickers out. so maybe i'll go for the planner next year again. happy mylotting!
@salonga (27830)
• Philippines
22 Nov 08
I'm going to starbuks not to drink coffee but to eat their wonderful choices of pastries and bread ha!ha!ha! And I did that for only around 6 times when my hubby and I would stay late at Alabang Festival Mall but lately I have not been to that place yet. I am not a coffee drinker so I don't frequent the place and hence I don't have the chance of getting their offers. My son loves to hang out in that place together with his friends. I wonder why he has not brought any tuumblers yet at home. Oh! I see he also does not drink coffee! He was only going there to eat the pastries just like me but he enjoys the fellowship with his peers more than anything else.