Before marrige, you had better think about it !!!!!

@mengrufa (239)
November 21, 2008 8:16am CST
1. so, you have finally find them---the person of your dreams.Now it seems the next logical step is to get marrige. 2. However, with so many people divorcing these days, it's more important than ever to take the time to consider whether you are truly ready to devote yourself to a life-long commitment. 3. Are you ready to get married? During their teens and 20's,people change considerably. 4. Until a person has matured as an individual, it is difficult to know if a relation that worked for them in their younger years will still be working for them years later. 5. Have yo experienced everything you wanted to as a single person?6.Finance- Do you have enough money to get maried? Getting married can be expensive. 7. Once you are married, how will you spend your money? 8. Discuss how you and your partner feel about buying, saving and sharing bank accounts . How will the bills be split up?Will a prenuptial agreement be necessary?9. Discussing money issues ahead of time, (spending habits and where you each feel your money should go), can prevent disagreements later. 10. How alike are you? Where do you stand on important issues such as religion and having children? 11. Personal needs and beliefs--What do you need to make a relationship work? 12. What are your views on important issues such as loyalty,honesty, and dealing with anger? 13. How do your views fot with your partner's? What behavirs are considered to be"off--limits"? Communicate these with your partner. 14. Communication skills-- How do you plant to communicate with your partner? Do you know how to fight fairly? 15.There wil be things you disagree on --how will you handle this? 16. Set ground rules for communication, making sure to discuss specific issues such as arguing, yelling, and name-calling.Are youable to resolve issues to reach a compromise? 17. life outside of marriage- Having a life outside of your partner is vital, and it is important to maintain your identity rather than to lose yourself in your mate. 18. Discuss how much time you will set aside to spend time with friends, or on hobbies,Are ther certain activies that are expected to be discontinued or changed once you begin your married life? 19. Daily life--who will be responsible for daily activitives such as household chores adn paying the bills?
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