ricky ponting and gilchrist in gay action, virtually kissing each other

pointing goin to kiss gilchrist - give ur views abt this pic guys
plz plz plz
November 21, 2008 12:04pm CST
hey guys i m givin u this rare photo of Ricky(loser) Ponting and Adam(bragger) Gillchrist involving in a near kiss tell me guys what do u think abt it plz give ur real thoughts abt this picture i have thoughts abt this picture is that ricky was in full emotions after winning d 2004 series against india he was charging down d field to gilly, since he is a gay, to kiss him bt there were many cameras on de field so he held himself back bt we got d perfect shot and d perverted minds of aussies ( i guess whole aussie team is gay,u no the secret how they won matches in past, there is a contest whoever score most runs will get to f** most times d other team memebers,so it boost them always and gilly was so good at that, bt now since he has gone australian team is on a decline ) tell me dear indian cricket fans abt this photo plz plz plz
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