I'm so sick of Hollywood

United States
November 21, 2008 3:54pm CST
I like entertainment. I like watching shows, seeing different views etc. What I'm sick to death of is hollywood getting a pet issue and shoving it down my throat. Today I'm watching Dr Phil (hey I'm due to have a baby any second and can't go anywhere!) and the topic is Prop 8. I had hopes that gay marriage would stay legal and have enough support. It didn't. It failed in an election that was run without voter fraud and was a fair election. Suck. HOWEVER. The screaming and yelling happening now is just irritating me. I am pro-gay rights. But what am I more pro on? The election process. Hollywood now jumping on the yelling bandwagon isn't striking a chord with me. Insinuations that if you voted to ban gay marriage makes you a religious nut is crazy. I know a good number of people that are not religious at all that didn't vote for it. Doctor Phills audience is appalling. Shouting everytime the people against gay marriage speak so you can't hear them. Blah. The behavior of the voices for gay marriage is making me turn away from them rather than feel sympathy. Am I alone in feeling like this? I just want to shout "BUCK UP! Fight harder next time! Don't alienate the people that TRY to support you by this media circus!"
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
21 Nov 08
Sometimes I think Dr Phil just does some topics to stir up the people and get an audience, I used to always watch him but I have switched over to Ellen now as I think her show is nice and light and not so negative and one sided as Dr Phil...I am not Gay but i do believe in gay rights...my motto is "any love is good love"