Girls and boys cant be a good friends..!

November 21, 2008 4:49pm CST
They cant be a good or close the end they will be a lover..!haha..what do you think.?
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@mojcica (1512)
• Slovenia
21 Nov 08
I get along so much better with men, always have, and no we dont end up being lovers lol. I think men and women can make better friends as they are more honest, while woman-woman you can always sense some kind of a jealousy, and man-man there is always some kind of rival.
• Canada
21 Nov 08
I agree for the most part. Most of my close friends are women but with my guy friends if they do actually become good friends there is no rivalry. We each have our own way of life and we seem to enjoy hearing each other's stories from that perspective. For example I'm the small nerdy type, heh, and two of my closest friends are into weights and nutrition and the other is the outdoorsy type and all three of us get along fantastically.
• India
22 Nov 08
It's just a matter of each person's personality - so it doesn't work every time but it can happen.
@adeeb747 (100)
21 Nov 08
no way at all can be lovers yes??////
@srikandi19 (3393)
• Kuta, Indonesia
21 Nov 08
i think they can be best friends. like you and me , we can be best friends at here , online world or at real world. lover is not everything , but good friends is important and can feel better and enjoy of life.