Did you make money on Squidoo?

@jfxrsch (1041)
November 21, 2008 8:30pm CST
I joined Squidoo recently. It appears that there are some Lensmasters are making money. But I am not sure how easy or how difficult it is. Would anybody share your experience and income stats from Squidoo?
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@Kowgirl (3490)
• United States
23 Nov 08
Yes you can make money with your squidoo lens. I have been paid by them several times. I think it has to do with how many visitors you get on your lens. I have 2 that have reached the #1 spot several times. I don't know exactly how they figure your pay and it was a surprise to see my first payment of $10. I earned more than that but I give 50% to charity. What is your lens about? I haven't checked my stats in more than a week. Will have to look into that. Just keep posting on your lens and join some of the other lens that are about the same thing as yours. Someone may even turn it in for lens of the day...or you can, this helps with your earnings also.
• South Africa
23 Nov 08
how does squioo work exactly. my main interests are fishing :-). so i probably wont see any payouts.
@jfxrsch (1041)
• China
23 Nov 08
I plan to write about 2 main topics, one is my job- trading, another is my hobby-fitness. the two topic will make the main lens, then there will be other lenses around the two. This is the main lens of my trading: Learn to Trade in Forex Market. It might not be a popular topic, but it's the job I know, easier to write. Currently get 24 visitors, $0 My name is Squidoo is Popie. What's your Squidoo name, and your Lens?